COVID -19 Government Updates

15 April 2020

The various initiatives launched in an attempt to minimise the economic impact of the coronavirus have been coming thick and fast. Here are links to some of the latest government Information and Guidance:
Find Coronavirus Financial Support for your Business                Click here

Claim for Furlough Wages                                                            Click here

SSP and Furlough                                                                        Click here

Calculate Furlough Wages                                                           Click here

CJRS Manual                                                                               Click here

Furlough Extension to End of June                                              Click here

Job Retention Scheme - Treasury  Direction                                Click here
Job Retention Scheme Updates - Version 4                                Click here
Changes to DBS ID Checking Guidelines                                    Click here
Claim Back SSP Paid to Employees Due to COVID-19               Click here
Coronavirus (COVID-19):  Right to Work Checks Adjusted         Click here
Employers' Guide to Claiming Through the Job Retention Scheme    Click here
Government Support for Business & Charities                            Click here
Guidance for Employees, Employers & Businesses                   Click here
Business Interruption Loan Scheme for Accredited Lenders      Click here