Our Services

Our primary aim is to develop a consultative partnership with our Client and identify the best approach to match their need and budget, irrespective of our own interests. Whilst our separate recruitment solutions are described and listed below, they are not discrete, and often a blend may be required to achieve the desired outcome. At Kelburn we offer bespoke tailored solutions and not one size fits all. 

Executive Search

This is a research lead approach which identifies and approaches passive candidates not normally found via job boards, databases or advertising campaigns.

Often referred to as head hunting, it is particularly relevant when recruiting for senior management in clearly defined markets or when seeking hard to find skills.

This service is delivered by our most experienced people and supported by our specialised team of recruitment research experts.

Selection project

This is an advertising lead approach which can sometimes attract passive “browsing” candidates but is mainly aimed at respondents actively seeking new opportunities.

It is most appropriate where suitable candidates may be widely spread either geographically or in terms of industry backgrounds.

The recruitment consultant will provide support at all stages of the process including advert preparation, media selection, response handling and the screening, interviewing and assessment of applicants.

Register search

This approach majors on searching both internal and external databases.

Our internal candidate register is extensive, having been compiled over many years, and now contains more than 35,000 registered job seekers.

Additionally, we have access to all main online job boards, make full use of social media and share candidate availability with over 300 other independent recruitment partners
across the UK.

Flexible workers

The supply of temporary and contract workers across a broad range of blue and white collar roles has been a core Kelburn specialism for many years.

We respond swiftly to client needs and our procedures are carefully managed to remain fully compliant with the ever changing raft of employment legislation.

Workers are supplied subject to a pre-agreed charge rate that covers all employment costs, meaning that you know the exact cost at the time of usage; there is no separate charge for Employers NIC, Pensions, Holiday Pay, Sick Pay, Maternity Pay or any other related cost.

Other services.

Selected recruitment activities can be outsourced when Clients wish to retain internal control of the overall process, but do not have the resource or expertise to manage every single aspect.

In this way best use can be made of internal capabilities whilst external costs are minimised.By nature requests are bespoke to Client needs but typical projects may include:

  • Multi media advertising
  • Response handling
  • CV searching
  • Candidate screening
  • Candidate referencing
  • Psychometric testing
  • Skills testing
  • Assessment days
  • Process management
  • Outplacement support

Additionally, we also aim to keep our regular Clients informed, via newsletters, blogs and employment law seminars, of all the latest developments and new or proposed legislation relating to employment law generally and recruitment in particular.